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Chief Peptide Expert

Prof. Zou Yuandong, senior engineer, professor, researcher, world famous scientist on enzymatic peptide research, UN Messenger of Peace, winner of "Hubei First Innovation and Contribution Award". Prof. Zou has been involved in bioengineering field since 1991. He was the honorary professor of Wuhan Bioengineering College, Director of Life Science Development Foundation of Wuhan University. He successively published  "Theory of Enzymatic Peptide", "Killing SARS-China Peptide Valley" and "Peptide Guarantee Your Health" and he also published 100 more articles referring to peptide research and "Bioactive Peptide: Health Treasure To People In 21st Century" has been reprinted by more than 100 media. He owns 19 national patents on peptide and 6 of them have been commercialized. Two projects on peptide have already been listed into "China Torch Program", "China 863 Program", "Scientific & Technological Innovation Fund", "Major Scientific & Technological Achievements Program" etc.. Media and publication,People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Liberation Army Daily, Guangming Daily, Science and Technology Daily, China Youth Daily, Chinese Medicine Information News,
China Chemical Industry News, China Intellectual Property News, China Food News and China Elderly Journal, have reported his achievements. And now he has owned a worldwide reputation of scientist in peptide research field.

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