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  Ten absorption mechanisms of polypeptide
Ten absorption mechanisms of polypeptide
Zou yuandong
From the former science research we know that proteins hydrolyzed by digestive enzymes are mainly absorbed in the forms of amino acids. But now some scientists pointed out the main form of human body to absorb protein is not amino acids, but the polypeptide. This is a big breakthrough in the research of protein absorption. Science proved that there are ten characteristics of the absorption mechanism of polypeptide.
I Polypeptide need no digestion and can be absorbed directly. Polypeptide is synthesized by human body, that is human body hydrolyzed the protein by digestive enzyme (decomposed by improve enzyme, digestion enzyme, pancreas enzyme, stomach protein enzyme, Alkaline material of digestion organ, first become amino acids, then synthesized peptide, absorbed by small intestine, then into the circulation of human bodys cells, tissues and other organs.) There are a piece of protection film on the surfaces of artificial polypeptide that can not be hydrolyzed again by improve enzyme, digestion enzyme, pancreas enzyme, stomach protein enzyme, it will enter into a small intestines, enter the circulation system of human body, exertive the biology function.
II Absorbed quickly. Taking polypeptide by oral adminstration is as quick as injection. The artificial polypeptide was synthesized outside human body. Take orally into the human body, it speed like a rocket, some scientist called it the living creature guided missile, cutting through the persons mouth cavity and stomach quickly, entering the small intestines directly absorbed by the small intestine, in the end, enter the human body blood circulation system and cells organization, quick exertive its physiology function and the biology function.
III While absorbing, the form of polypeptide will not be break. There is a piece of protection film of polypeptide. When people take the polypeptide, the film will prevent from the improve enzyme, digestion enzyme, pancreas enzyme, stomach protein enzyme, Alkaline material of digestion organ to hydrolyzed polypeptide again. Peptide absorbed by human body with a integrity form.
IV polypeptide have a characteristic of completely absorbed by human beings. And there are utilized by human body 100%, so there is no metabolite after we took polypeptide products.
V Another special feature of polypeptide is it can be absorbed actively by human body especially for people with poor digestion system. The polypeptide can force the intestine and cells to absorb it initiative. This is a significant contribution to the people with bad digestive powers.
VI The digestive system will provide preferential treatment to the polypeptide. When the digestive system begins to absorbing, the polypeptide would always be its first priority. Compare to the other supplements, obviously polypeptide has the superior features in absorption.
VII The absorption of polypeptide will not waste the energy of human body; dont need to increase the digestion, especially the burden of stomach and intestines. The polypeptide itself has strong activity and energies, it absorbed actively, forced to absorbed, it is the effects of its activity and energies. Therefore, while youre taking polypeptide, you dont spend any but can obtain energy the through the whole absorption process. So this characteristic of polypeptide has the important meaning to those people with poor digestive system or need to supply energy urgently.
VIII Polypeptide performs its function of carrier in the human body, it can stick and load the humans essentials elements and nourishment material to human body.
IX A polypeptide can also be recognized as a transporter, the nutrient can be stick onto the surface of polypeptide, then it will transport to each cell, organ, and organization of human body, utilized their different functions. This is the reason most people use intermediate peptide as the raw materials in many drugs and food.
X After absorptions, the polypeptide in a body can be treated like a messenger. It will send messages, control the nerve system and exert its own functions as a neurotransmitter. It makes people more vivid, intelligent astute.
To summary, the absorption mechanism of polypeptide is very special from other nutritional substances. The discovery of the polypeptide absorption mechanism has a significant influence to the health of human race. We must utilize the absorption mechanism, creating a new level of healthily life.
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