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  Physiological functions of slimming peptide
Physiological functions of slimming peptide
By using the latest biological enzyme technology, Wuhan Jiushengtang Bioengineering Co.,Ltd has successfully catalyzed activated slimming polypeptide which molecule weight is below 1000. This slimming polypeptide has a tremendous effect to the overweight people without any toxic and side effects. It is the common sense that many slimming products have side effects, such like harm to muscle tissue, cell, skeleton and so on. In the woods of losing weight products, slimming polypeptide is the only product which can lose your weight without any harm but also strengthen human body.The only thing was taken away from human body is fat, so unlikely the others, after taking the slimming polypeptide people will fell he or she is more powerful than ever before. And what¡¯s more, the slimming polypeptide is the first peptide product that in the slimming area.
Definition &cause of obesity
We call the obesity a modern disease; it is the consequence of human civilization. When we¡¯ve done our meals, except the energy we¡¯ve been used, the extra energy would be saved as a form of fat. and we call some one is obesity when this king of fat is 20% over of his or her weight. A sign of just overweight without any complication called simple obesity, and secondary obesity was defined in the opposite. There are a few reasons that caused simple obesity:
I genetic reason, some people is overweight from the very beginning, and he or she has the complication of hyperlipemia and hyperproteinemia. It is because they have been received the obesity gene from their parents.
II Nerve system, behind the hypothalamus, there is a ganglia controlling the appetite. We call the inside of abdomen as satiety center. When the satiety center is exciting, it will send a message of ¡°I¡¯m quite full¡±, when it is broken, you would fell you can eat a horse. Outside the abdomen it called feeding center, this feeding center operating in totally opposite way form the satiety center. These two substances restrict each other; make themselves in a homeostasis condition. Obesity will come to you if your homeostasis has been interfered.
III   incretion reason, the insulin has a lot of connecting with synthesis and degradation the fat, if the base number of insulin rises, it will activate the synthesis of fat to lead to overweight. Moreover, it also can cause the obesity if some chemical mediators lose their balance (such like enkephalin and dopamine) in the central nervous system. Lacking these substances will interfere the balanced weight too; people will derive their food excessively£¬and extra energy would be saved as a form of fat, finally becoming obesity.
Obesity is a precaution of Atherosclerosis and miocardial infarction, in the overweight or obese women, the probability of getting breast cancer and uterine cancer are much higher than the normal. Besides, hypertension, coronary disease and diabetes are the complications of obesity.
Obesity is not only a matter of interfering to get more beautiful, but also affected our health seriously. So, slimming and prevent to get obese is becoming a serious problem in our society.
There are thousands of Slimming products in everywhere. But their mechanisms are familiar: interfering the digestive system and nerve system to reducing appetite of overweight people; or inhibiting the absorption of glucose, protein and fat to exert its slimming efficacy. But this slimming blade has two edges¡ªserious side effects. Normally, the level of side effects depends on the dosage, the more you take pills, the more you feel insomnia, nerves, feeble, or even heart beating with abnormal speed.
It is becoming a hotspot of exploit a brand new slimming product without any toxic or side effects in the medical and biological filed. After 10 year¡¯s researching, Wuhan Jiushengtang Bioengineering Co., Ltd has successfully exploited this ideal slimming product for every overweight people¡ªslimming peptide.
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