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  Protein peptide the Vigor Source Of Life
Protein peptide: the Vigor Source Of Life
Zou Yuandong, Patentee of Protein Peptide (Bioactive Peptide) of National Torch Plan Project
In the near past half century, about ten thousand scientists in the world have been devoted themselves to research bioactive peptide to exert it strong activity and diversity and improve human immunity and anti-radiation ability. At the end of 20th century, International Labor Bureau warned that immunity misadjustment and radiation would become large threats to human health in 21st century. International health experts point out that 65% diseases are caused by immunity misadjustment and radiation. The world medical experts point out that immunity misadjustment and radiation can lead to the diseases such as tumor, chronic inflammation, virus infection, low intelligence, senile dementia and neurosism and so on. Protein Peptide Scientific Research Group (thereinto, some experts have researched peptide for 41 years) taking  Enterprise Group Wuhan Jiushengtang Bioengineering Co.,Ltd as the captain with the participants of the experts in national key lab researched Protein Peptide (bioactive peptide) successfully in 1997 through problem tackle and it was put into production by Wuhan Jiushengtang Bioengineering Co.,Ltd.Peoples Daily and its overseas  edition asseverate to the world that the birth of Protein Peptide made China become the first country owning the final product of bioactive peptide in the world and it indicated that the research on Bioacitve peptide in China had acquired material progress and realized great breakthough. The functional test performed by the inspection institute appointed by Ministry of bublic health indicates that Protein Peptide has the function of immunity adjustment and anti-radiation and it can simulate the phagocytic capacity of macrophages and inhibit the growth of tumor cell.
It was thought in the past that the main way for human body to absorb prothein is amino acid. In recent years, it has reported by international scientific research that protein hydrolyzed by digestive enzymes are mainly absorbed in the forms of micropeptide and it can be absorbed and utilized more earlier and more quicker that that of complete free amino acid. This is a great breakthough in peptide theory and practice.
Peptide is a compound contained at least two amino acids, which binds each other by peptide bond. It not only can provide nutrient substance for growth of body, but also has special biological functions as well as the bioactive substance that involving multi-cellular functions in organisms. They are the absolutely necessary participants in accomplishing the complicated physiological activity in organisms all of the cells can compound polypeptide and ti is adjusted by polypeptide. It invoves in the fields of hormone, nerve, cellular growth and reproduction with the importance of adjusting the systemic organisms and cell in body. Bioactive peptides main phusiological and pharmaceutical effect are as follows: actuvate some relative enzymes of body to promote intermediate metabolism or membrane permeability or to affect special protein synthesis by controlling DNA transcription or translation, all above will lead to physiological effect or pharmaceutical effect. Bioactive peptide gives a better and more effective way for the life health of human in 21st century, has strong activity and diversity and it will be the focus in the fields of medical science, science and nutrition science and so on.
Protein Peptide (bioactive peptide) is the 95% protein (high protein) purified from egg protein in eight kinds of eggs with the advanced freeze-drying and separating technique and then decompound the molecular weight of protein into micropeptide (whose molecular weight is about1000~200) with strong activity and diversity and unique physilogical functions that can be absorbed easier, more quicker, more directly and more completely with enzyme techique of bioengineering.Protein Peptide also contains 20 kinds of amino acids (among which there are 8 kinds of amino acid necessary for human body while they cannot be compounded by itself), the microelements that are beneficial to human body(Ca, Se, Zn, Be and so on),high protein, various vitamins(A, B1,B2,B6,C,E,K,D,and so on), Chinese date extraction liquid for seasoning and Chinese wolfberry. The above Cmentioned substances compound the Protein Peptide and its functions are more stronger that those of and substance. Its largest feature is that after taking, it does not need digestion and will enter blood circulation through small intestine absorption and send the peptide nutrient substances and other nutrient matters to the parts of human body to exert its physiological active roles.
In 1996, seven tests, namely virus security elevation tese (acute virus test, micro-nuclear test, sperm abnormality test, Ames test), immunity adjustment test, anti-radiation test, stability test, are performed by the inspection institute appointed by Ministry of Public Health. The tests indicate that Protein Peptide has the roles of immunity adjustment and anti-radiation and it can stimulate the phagocytic capacity of macrophages and inhibit the growth of tumor cell.
Immunity adjustment function of Protein Peptide
In a word, Immunity means the ability to resist external virus or pathogen attack.Protein Peptide contains bioactive peptide of immunity activity with the functions pf adjusting immunity function of human body, anti-biotic, anti-virus and anti-inflammation and the ability to resist and prevent diseases. The micro molecular weight active peptide has immunity function and it can treat autoimmunity diseases, virus inflammation, duodenum ulceration and so on. Many diseases are caused due to immunity function misadjustment, for example, the occurrence of tumor is caused since the low immunity of organism and immunity reaction default lead to carciongenic factor to destory cell immunity system and humoral immunity system. Functional tests indicate that Protein Peptide can arise the albumin of blood serum in human body, immunoglobulin and plasma albumin rapidly and promote the compound of DNA and RNA, promote the exudation of CCK and cellular growth, enforce cellular activity, add active substances to human body so as to make the cells have strong ability to resist the attack from external bad factors. Antibiotic peptide, anti-inflammation peptide and anti-virus peptide in Protein Peptide can inhibit the bacillus and the virus such a gram-positive peptide, gram-negative peptide, Bacillus coli and so on. The clinical test indicates that Protein Peptide has double immunity adjustment functions and it can fully enhance the resistance of human body, As for the person suffering from low immunity function, weak immunity function, immunity function disturbance, inhibition, damage and destroy of immunity function, it can stimulate, activate, repair and enhance the role of immunity system quickly. It can correct proportion inversion of albumin and globulin and conduct and anxiliary treatment role to hepatitis, ascites and cirrhosis and so on, futhermore, it has an obvious role on the grouos (burning, wound, hemorrhage after operation, inflammation, structural ulceration and other inflammations) that need supplement protein. It can stimulate the cellular growth, activate and repair the damaged and aging cell, prevent the attack from biotic virus and conduct a good prevention and auxiliary role on cough, asthma, chronic bronchitis, prostatitis, gastroenteritis, menopause syndrome and high blood pressure, high blood fatness, coronary heart disease and so on, ti can stimulate appetite, diminish age pigment, moisten the skin, grow hair and reduce white hair, enhance memory and promote growth of infants.Protein Peotide can remain the immunity function of human body in best condition to prevent and inhibit diseases.
Anti-radiation function of Protein Peptide
The development of modern science and technology brings more and more radiation to people. Universal ray, ionization radiation, electric frequency radiation, radiation from modern communication tools, domestic appliance radiation (TV and microwaves and so on), medical radiation (CT, magnetic resonance, B medical ultrasonic system, X-ray and so on), OA radiation (computer, scanner and so on) as well as decorative marble, city curtain wall and destroying of ozonosphere cause the damage and discomfort to human body. Biological research indicates that excessive radiation will have serious influence on nervous system, circulation system, immunity system of human bodyand high strength radiation may cause cell to mutate, and as a result, the tumor will suffer from more poisonous role after radiotherapy, assay and treatment and it firstly represents becoming thin and weak and cannot get further treatment. The functional test indicate that the anti-radiation activity of Protein Peptide can pour vigor into cell, enhance vigor as well as the cellular activity, life force, resistance and ability to resist external bad enviornmental influences and repair the damaged cell to make the cell recover with vigor. A large number of clinical test indicate that Protein Peptide can stimulate the growth of white blood cell and red blood cell repidly and repair, activate and regenerate the damaged cells due to radiation and other reasons to make the cell normaland balance, as a result, it can adjust cellular structure into the best condition before radiation. As for the person suffering from tumor assay and electrical radiation for a long time, the groups working in industrial pollution enviornment such as chemical factory and the groups engaged in radiation work or nuclear industry research suffering from swirling, weariness, asthenia, sickness, digestion function bostruction, disorder incretion and so on, it ahs and obvious improvement and recovery role.
Protein Peptide with the phagocytic capacity of stimulating macrophages and the function of inhibiting the growth of tumor cell
As for the person suffering from tumor, since the tumor cell itself can priduce inhibition factors and inhibition cells, it inhibits its immunity function while the patients is receiving chemical treatment, it will be more obvious.Protein Peptide can arise white blood cell and red blood cell, enhance the cellular activity and repair and adjust damaged cells, variable cell and mutated cells so as to kill the harmful, variable cells and other tumourous cells. At the same time, it can selectively promote the cell recovrt its activity and inhibit the growth of tumourous cells. As for the patients suffering from tumor, Protein Peptide not only can perform obvious recovery of immunity function to finish chemical treatment, but also can prevent inflammation complication and it has an imforming new transferring. Immunity active peptide in Protein Peptide can stimulate the phagocytic capacity of macrophages and inhibit the growth of tumor cell and has the ability of anti-biotic, anti-virus, anti-inflammation and the ability to resist diseases and prevent diseases.
Other multi-functions of Protein Peptide
The micro active peptide in Protein Peptide can transport the nutrition eaten usually to the parts of human body to exert its function as carrier and means of transportation. Peptide transfer information as neural medium; peptide has strong activity and diversity and it can adjust the physiological function of human body and enhance the physiological activity of human body. Peptide not only can procide nutrient substance for growth of body, but also has special biological functions and it can prevent and cure thrombus, high blood fatness, high blood pressure, postpone deerepit, resist fatigue, improve organism immunity and promote the absorption of various microelements of benefit such as protein, vitamin, Ca, Fe, Zn, Se, Mg, Cu and so on. Some micropeptide have the protein in the original food or physiological functions that other compound amino acid does not own.Protein Peptide ahs the featrues of quick absorption, low consumption and insaluaration compared with the transportaion system of amino acid. Its features can be utilized in the field of medicine to supplement nutrition for the person in special conditions, such as wound healing period after operation, recovery period; the person suffering from large mental pressure, excessive exhaustion, poor appetite and indigestion function imbalance arosed from chemical substance in food, remained agricultural chemical long-term chemical , traditional Chinese medicine and digestion system damage and so on; the person who needs to pupplement N+ due to large amount of exercise and large physical labor strength at the same time this supplementary will not increase the burden of digestion function; the person who can not eat food due to disease of digestion system; the infant whose digestion system does not mature and the old whose digestion system are becoming decilne.Protein Peptide can perform an obvious promotion role on the growth of beneficial vitamins such as lactobacillus, bacilus and microzyme in organism and so on, which is signifucant to digest and absorb the nutrition of the food. It can promote the transport of glucose in human body as well as the growth of cell and the compound of DNA and enter the circulation system in entire form and transport information as neural medium to exert the bioactive role and adjust the emotion, inspiration, pulse and temperature of human body. With the function of high nutrition, very strong activity and diversity,Protein Peptide can promote the teenage growth and prevent the organism of the old from being declining. Futhermore, it has very strong anti-oxidation role, prolong the life of human, enforce the activity of cellular organism in human body as well as the vigor of human body, prevent the process of decrepitude of human body and it is the ideal choice for healthy care of human body.
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