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  The Atributes of Enzymatic Polypeptide

Jiushengtang produce polypeptide products with enzyme. The raw materials are animal and plants protein which have been mixed, regulated and dried. With the help of modern protein separating technology and bio-enzyme technology, the molecular weight of protein (the weight is around 50000-300000)is decompounded into micro-peptide (the weight is 1000-175) with strong activity and diversity and unique physiological functions that can be absorbed easily. This is generally called little peptide, or short peptide and so on. It belongs to secondly process high-tech product. During the whole process, peptide keeps its purified nature and green attributes unchanged all the time.

To begin with, we pay great attention to keep the purified nature and green attribute of raw materials in the screening procedures. For example, we take Chinese traditional soybeans rather than transgenic soybeans as the raw material for the Soybean Polypeptide. Egges used as raw materials for Protein Peptide are all taken from RURAL poultry including chicken, goose, duck, quail, sparrow , pigeon, turtledove and francolin. The protein in all our peptide products range are from natural raised animals and plants, which ensures the purified nature without any chemical fertilizer, agricultural chemicals , hormone or forage.

Secondly, by using the separating protein technology, the purity quotient of separated protein can be reach by more than 90%. During this process, we use the least sealed assembly line to make sure our product are away from any contamination,such as air pollution, manmade pollution and machine pollution. The purified nature and its green attribute are completely retained in the products.

Thirdly, the enzyme, which is used to ferment, is chosen from purified nature and the enzyme from green foods. Peptide that catalyzed by enzyme has characteristics of distinctive flavor, pleasant taste and do not have any kind of toxin or side effects. So peptide products is turly a kind of green food.

Fourthly,when separating polypeptides with odds and ends, the latest technology of sealing and freezing were uesed, which ensures the products are not polluted by virus, air or dust during this process. So the purified and natural healthy attributes of  peptides is unchanged..Last but not the least, the absorbing mechanism of polypeptide does not require digestion,which means it can be absorbed directly by our body.so all the dried vermicelli forms violate its absorbing mechanism, they prevent the quick absorbing character. So liquid is the best form of keeping this unique purified nature and green attribute of polypeptide

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