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Poly-peptide prevented SARS

From www.xinhuanet.com ( 12:46:34 May 30, 2003, )

Xinhua net, Beijing at May 30(Shong kejie)

Coronary virus research group of microorganism department of medical college (Hong Kong University) and Chinese descent scientist Doctor David Ho, who is well-known for the invention of cooktail therapy to prevent AIDS virus, declared that we could prevent SARS virus from invading into human body cell by using synthetic amino acid chain, namely ¡°peptide¡± on the press conference held in Hong Kong.

This declaration cheered up the people who are in the battle of fighting SARS virus. However, what on earth is the peptide? And how does it work to prevent SARS virus invading into human body cell? Here Mr. Zhou Yuandong, the chief expert of ¡°China Peptide Valley¡± interprets the whole process.

In brief, ¡°peptide¡± is a compound contained at least two amino acids, which binds each other by peptide, the world nutriology expert calls it ¡°amino acid chain¡±, peptides could highly be refined into new kind of product for strengthening the immunity system by using protein project and bioengineering technology. It has greatly strengthened immunity small active peptides, it can comprehensively enhances the human body immunity functions, activate the human body¡¯s immunity activeness, strengthens the immunity ability and resistance. The one who has low immunity function, immunity barrier, immunity damage, suppressed immunity, and peptide can rapidly play an important role in enhancing, activating and rehabilitating immunity function. When the immunity system was under attack, peptide has the functions of resisting, blockade, guarding and protecting immunity system, so that it can effectively enhance the human body¡¯s ability of anti-virus and anti-bacteria.

The main mechanism of peptide¡¯s preventing SARS virus: Peptide induce and promotes the T cell¡¯s differentiation, and make it to be mature; adjusts the T cell subgroup proportion; enable CD4/CD8 to be normal gradually; enhance macrophage¡¯s ability of swallowing; enhance red blood cell¡¯s immunity function; enhance the activity of nature killing cell (NK); raises IL-2¡¯s production level and acceptor¡¯s expression level; promote gamma-interferon¡¯s production; enhance blood serum¡¯s SOD activity; remarkably increase the lymphocyte function; effectively prevent the white cell¡¯s reduction that are poisoned by the radiation, the chemotherapy and other pollution; effectively inhibit the tumor cell growth; prevent CD4+ reduction caused by the chemotherapy, so that it plays a very important role in immunity improvement.

Chairman of Wuhan Jiushengtang Bioengineering Co., Ltd. The leading enterprise in the peptide filed, is dedicated to peptide terminal products research and development and the establishment of ¡°China Peptide Valley¡± in Wuhan. He is honored to be the researcher of ¡°London Application Academy of Science¡±, professor of ¡°Wuhan Bioengineering Institute¡±, and have got 13 national patents, such as ¡°Sanjiu Protein Peptide¡±, ¡°Sanjiu Soybean Polypeptide¡± and so on. Professor Zou Yuandong reminds that the patients who are receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy should double the dosage.

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