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The record of actual events of Wuhan Jiushengtang Bioengineering
Xinhua net news: A strange thing happened to Wuhan Jiushengtang Bioengineering Co. Ltd. and also it became great news in health protection drinking field recently. This strange thing was the general manager Zou Yuandong has done a foolish thing, who gave up several millions Yuan. Claiming to practice "three represents" consciously. He thinks the concrete action to manage enterprises well is never making money legally but damages the people's benefit.
This event happened two months ago, when SARS was very serious, authority news "polypeptides can prevent SARS" made Jiushengtang the biggest polypeptides producing enterprise of our country became the pear of the selling businessmen. During the SARS time, Jiushengtang's peroral production has become the best-selling medicine in the polypeptises immunity production area, because which do no need injection, animal thymus separated products, nor blood production, It was so welcome that there was once a time of short-production in market.
Facing flourishing market and patient selling businessmen, Zou Yuandong(the general manager and the secretary of party committee) realized, in the war of fighting with SARS, the people all over the country work hard together, many production tried to name themselves immunity production, but they were not, even they were not belong to the immunity production at all. However they wanted to make a great of money by immunity at that time. Also many illegal seller raised price to make use of this chance, for money, some traditional Chinese medicine drinking raised the price at several to scores time.
Owing to some selling businessmen who had lost contract for a long time, began to make an order again, Jiushengtang polypeptides' selling trend became very busy, though their production ability is faire large and the workers work all day and night, their production were still shortage, Jiushengtang made the measure of delaying to deliver goods for those selling businessmen who wanted to make money by raising price, they guarded the price pass to prevent them. To those who had sent money to company's card, they preferred no trade to send back. For example, a selling businessmen who have paid the money to their card for 20 days, when Jiusehngtang know he would sell the goods at higher price, after persuading but no effect, they gave back his 200 thousand Yuan angrily and end up their contract and deprived him of his selling businessmen.
Thus, Zou Yuandong had guarded the price pass very well. But they also lost several millions trade.
Many people in the trade commentated his action and thought they should have made great money legally at that situation. However, Zou Yuandong and all the members of party committee did not think so, in "three represents" the communist party of China represents the basic benefit of the common people, at the crucial time when our country and people were suffering the SARS, the party's task is raising the party and people's benefit to higher position. So, the member of party committee decided to lower the price in order to make more people afford the medicine and keep health. All their polypeptides production sold at 5 discount, for those poor units at 3 discount.
To make more people take immunity medicine, they gave up "pay cash for goods" initiatively and made the policy of "selling first, paying after that ". For example, Beijing Out patient department of the PLA, they had no time to pay money but needed the goods in a hurry. Jiushengtang delivered goods immediately. For severely afflicted area, owing to the strict rules, the consumers who were inconvenient to mail the cash, Jiushengtang gave them the medicine free, For instant, a cadre who lived in a yard of department where is very strict with the entry and out. Who know Jiushengtang polypeptides production for a long time, he ordered through an acquaintance, but he could not mail the cash because of the rules, Jiushengtang delivered a box of medicines by rail express to him. There were still alike examples. At that time, Jiushengtang had sent several hundreds of free just like this.
Zou Yuandong has a pet phrase. A party member who manages enterprises should strain the sting of three represents. When SARS in all the country was very severe, tens of thousands thanks letters and telegraphs, which have testimonies the Jiushengtang' s "three represents" views from indirect sources.
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