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  Bioactive peptide that has strong activity and diversity will become focus in the world II
Conspicuous effectiveness of bioactive peptide
As the carrier and means of transport in organism, peptide will transport the nutrition eaten by human to the parts to exert its effectiveness fully.As nerve medium in organism, peptide can transfer information; with very strong activity and diversity, peptide can fully regulate the physiological function of body and strengthen the bodys bioactivity. Peptide not only can provide nutrient substance for growth of body, but also has special biological functions and it can prevent and cure thrombus, high blood fatness, high blood pressure, postpone decrepit, resist fatigue, improve organism immunity and promote the absorption of various microelements of benefit such as protein,vitamin, Ca, Fe, Zn, Se, Mg, Cu and so on. Some micropeptide have the protein in original food or physiological functions that other compound amino acid does not own.
The micropeptide with small molecular weight in bioactive peptide has the feature of quicker absorption, low consumption and insaluaration compared with the transportation system of amino acid. Its features can be utilized in the field of medicine to supplement nutrition for the person in special conditions, such as wound healing period after operation, recovery period; the person suffering from large mental pressure, excessive exhaustion, poor appetite and indigestion function imbalance arosed from chemical substance in food, remained agricultural chemical long-term chemical, traditional Chinese medicine and digestion system damage and so on; the person who needs to supplement N+ due to large amount of exercise and large physical labor strength at the same time this supplementary will not increase the burden of digestion function; the preson who cannot eat food due to disease of digestion system; the infant whose digestion system does not mature and the old whose  digestion system are becoming decline. The micropeptide in bioactive peptide can perform an obvious promotion role on the growth of beneficial vitamins such as lactobacillus, bacilus and microzyme in organism and so on, which is significant to digest and absorb the nutrition of the food.
1.       The bioactive peptide can stimulate the phagocytic capacity of macrophages, it also can inhibit the growth of tumor cell.
2.       The neural active peptide has such effects as anodyne and modulating emotion, respiration, impulse, bodys temperature differencing from ordinary anodyne, the neural active peptide is absorbed into human body through digestive organ with out any ill-effect.
3.       Hypotensive peptide reduce blood pressure by inhibiting the activity of ACE to control hyoeretension.
4.       Other active peptide with many other functions, including 999 Soybean Protein Active Peptide, hydrolipermic peptide, anti-obesic peptide, anti-bacteria peptide, anti virus peptide etc. the functions of the above mentioned peptides can be utilized to control the modern diseases.
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