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  How your immune system works
Imagine your body is a fort under attack from viruses and bacteria. You have two lines of defense. First, your skin and the mucous membranes in your respiratory tract literally screen out germs. If these lines of defense are penetrated, the immune system kicks in, sending white blood cells to the affected region. Backup troops¡ªspecialized white blood cells, proteins in the blood known as antibodies and other blood components¡ªfollow, working in an orchestrated effort to strike down the invaders.
Viruses and bacteria need an entry portal, such as irritation or dryness in the mucous membranes or an opening in the skin. Normally, mucous membranes contain immunoglobulin A which kills off invaders. If there is an entry portal, or a particularly large load of virus or bacteria (someone with a cold sneezes in your face), invaders can break through the barriers.
Antibodies in the blood recognize the invaders as foreign. A chain reaction then occurs that causes white blood cells stored in the blood vessels, spleen and bone marrow to rush to the point of entry. 
3 THE ¡°KILL¡±
At the entry point, white blood cells literally swallow the invaders, releasing powerful substances to destroy them.
TONSILS Collections of lymph tissue in the back of the throat filter out organisms that cause infection.
LIVER White blood cells in this ¡°filter¡± organ remove organisms from the blood as it passes through.
BONE MARROW All immune-system cells start out here. White blood cells (neutrophils, lymphocytes) are formed, and then released into circulation.
THYMUS Organ in which new white blood cells grow up, developing specialized functions.
SPLEEN Removes abnormal cells from circulation.
LYMPH NODES Act as ¡°filters¡± and produce antibodies to destroy invading organisms or abnormal cells.
SKIN Keeps organisms and allergens from entering the body.
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